Hatching new scientists every day!

Neighborhood Safari

A field guide of science activities you can do anywhere, anytime.

Parents' Guide

This guide offers suggestions for the best ways to lead your child through nine different simple science activities.

Children's Activity Pages

These colorful pages make it easy for you and your child to record your scientific discoveries.

Below you can download each children's activity page separately to make it easier to explore your neighborhood one adventure at a time.

Blowing Bubbles

Blow up some science with a soapy solution.

Under Logs and Rocks

Your outdoor explorer can discover science hiding almost anywhere.

Going on a Bug Walk

Get buggy with some science as you watch these creatures move.

Springing to Life

Your young scientist will bloom as you observe the flowers budding around you.

Growing Seeds

Grow a little science as you watch a seed change as it sprouts into a plant.

Making Prints

Print up some science with found objects and paint.

What Floats?

Try some science with a splash in this bath time activity.

Change Over Time

See what kind of scientific appeal a ripening banana can have for kids.

Making Hand Shadows

Science with shadows is fun and easy to explore. All you need is a light and some fidgety fingers.