Hatching new scientists every day!

Family Science Pages

These activities turn everyday situations—like a walk in the park or a sink full of water—into simple science explorations that families can enjoy together.

Explore Color with Your Child

Go on a color walk, make rainbow salad, and cook up some colorful shadows in the kitchen.

Explore Measuring with Your Child

Investigate length, height, and capacity with chalk, paper towel rolls, and pebbles.

Explore Patterns with Your Child

Find patterns at the bus stop, at the park, and at the dinner table.

Explore Plants with Your Child

Take a close look at seeds, roots, and leaves of different plants.

Explore Ramps with Your Child

What rolls and what slides? Investigate ramps indoors and out to find out.

Explore Shadows with Your Child

Search for shadows, watch them grow and shrink, and put on a shadow play.

Explore Sound with Your Child

Take a listening walk, identify mystery sounds, and conduct a kitchen concert.

Explore Water with Your Child

Paint with water, make bathtub boats, and flow with the current.