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Sculpting Animals

Children are typically drawn to animals and love to observe them using all their senses. They also love to work with three-dimensional materials like Play-doh™ and clay.

Connect these interests by inviting your children to make models of animals. Start by engaging in conversations about the animals you see when you are out.

What is the same and different about the animals you see? What characteristics do they all have? What do they each have that none of the other ones have?

Then, provide clay or Play-doh™ (this can be store bought or made at home) and invite your child to sculpt a favorite animal. While sculpting, talk about what the animal looks like, sounds like, feels like (you may have to guess), and even smells like.

Extend this activity by taking a pad of paper and drawing materials out with you. Then, invite your child to draw an animal from direct observation.

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