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Watch and Discuss: Juicy Light

Children notice and explore light as it passes through bottles of juice.


  • Juicy Light (video)
  • Image of jewels from Internet (show on computer screen to emphasize glittering quality of jewels)

Key Science Concepts

  • Objects appear to be a different color when viewed through a transparent colored material.
  • After passing through a transparent colored material, the color of the light looks like the color of the material.


  • Before watching: Tell children that they’ll watch three girls play with color and light.
  • After watching: Why do you think the girls could see colors through some of the juices but not the orange juice? How were the juices different? What were the different experiments they tried? Why do you think the cranberry juice looked darker when she looked at it from the top and when she looked at it from the side?
  • Watch again: Before showing it a second time, ask children to notice the beads the girls are playing with in the beginning. Afterwards, ask them to describe what the beads look like. Why do you think they sparkle like that? Do the beads remind you of other sparkling, glittering, shining things? Then show the image of jewels on the Internet. What do you think it is about jewels that people think is so beautiful? Introduce the names ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue.