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Explore and Play: Which Fish?

Select a colored fish to complete the pattern.


Which Fish?

Eight fish swim gently in a line. Kids must observe the pattern the fish form and select which fish, from a choice of three, to assign to the rightmost position.

Key Science Concepts

  • Something of one color against a background of a similar color may be hard to see.
  • Something of one color against a background of a contrasting color is easy to see.


Tell children that last week they made patterns from yellow and blue. In this game, they’ll make lots of different patterns with different colors.

  1. Explain how to play: Look at the color pattern the fish make. Then choose a fish that completes the pattern—you are given three choices of colored fish.
  2. Demonstrate how it’s done. Eight fish line up. The first seven are all light blue. The last one is white. What color should that fish be to complete the pattern?
  3. Have each child take a turn, guiding them if they get stuck.
  4. Tell children that the game will be available in the technology center and they’ll all have many chances to play.