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Library Center

Books about color.


Here are the books that will be read aloud during the three-week curriculum. Feature them in the library center for all three weeks. 

  • Hoban, Tana. Is It Red? Is It Yellow? Is it Blue?
  • Hoban, Tana. Colors Everywhere
  • Katz, Karen. The Colors of Us
  • Walsh, Ellen Stoll. Mouse Paint
  • Lionni, Leo. Little Blue and Little Yellow
  • Weber, Belinda. Animal Disguises
  • Lionni, Leo. A Color of His Own
  • Shahan, Sherry. Spicy Hot Colors

Additional Books (Optional)

  • Gonzalez, Maya Christina. My Colors, My World/Mis colores, mi mundo
  • Kleven, Elisa. The Lion and the Little Red Bird
  • Luján, Jorge and Grobler, Piet. Colors! Colores!
  • Swinburne, Stephen R. What Color is Nature?
  • Thong, Roseanne. Red Is a Dragon