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Colors and Light

Experiment with light and color.


  • pieces of colored cellophane wrap or colored acetate and/or plastic colored paddles
  • colored tissue paper
  • cardboard
  • bottles of colored water and clear water
  • clear bottles
  • flashlights
  • optional: prisms


Lay out the materials near a window and allow children to explore them freely. Encourage them to play with the flashlights and sunlight to see how the colors change when light shines on the objects.

Children can make collage art by sticking scraps of colored cellophane onto a piece of clear contact paper and noticing the color changes where two colors overlap. When the artwork is complete, place another piece of clear contact paper on top, sandwiching the cellophane between the two layers. Hang the art on a window where the light will shine through it. You can also have them use cellophane to make a telescope or colored binoculars.