Watch and Discuss: Marble Mover

Peep discovers how hard it can be to move a marble up a hill.


  • Marble Mover (video)
  • Mama Zooms by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
  • a ramp and a ball

Key Science Concepts

  • When a rolling or sliding object hits an obstacle, it will stop or slow down and its direction may change.


Before you watch: Tell children that in this episode Peep has a hard time trying to roll a marble up a hill. Ask children to watch what Peep learns about rolling something up a hill.

After you watch: Ask:

  • Why was it hard for Peep and Quack to move the marble up the hill?
  • How did they solve their problem?
  • Do you remember how Mama got up the hill in the book Mama Zooms? Show children the page in the book. Why do you think she needed help?
  • Does this remind you of an activity in which you had to get a marble up a hill? (the roller coaster activities) How did you do it?