Watch and Discuss: Building Ramps

Children create ramps out of cardboard and foam tubes, then experiment with the height and shape of their ramps.  


  • Building Ramps (video)

Key Science Concepts

  • The shape of an object affects whether it will roll or slide or stay put.
  • An object placed on ramp will roll, slide, or stay put.


Before you watch: Tell children that they will watch a video in which children build a ramp with a curve and a loop.  

After you watch: Ask children if the video reminded them of activities they did this week. How were they similar? Then ask:

  • What were some of the ways the children tried to create a turn in the ramp? What didn’t work well?  What did work well and why do you think it worked?
  • One of the girls says, “We need to slow this ball down.” Why do you think she says that? What do you think she thinks will happen if it slows down? 
  • How do the children slow the ball down? What happens when they are able to slow the ball down?
  • What ideas does the video give you about new explorations we might want to try?

Optional: Watch the video a second time.