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Explore and Play: Quack’s Apples

Play an online game to help Quack roll his apples into the pond. 

Key Science Concepts

  • A ramp is a surface with one end higher than the other.
  • When a rolling or sliding object hits an obstacle, it will stop or slow down and its direction may change.


  • Quack's Apples

    Quack wants to get his apple to fall into the water, but there are sticks blocking the way!


Tell children that in this game, they’ll help Quack roll apples into the pond using ramps.

  1. Explain how to play: Click on the sticks to tilt them. Then, click on Quack to roll the apples. Try to tilt the sticks so that the apple will fall into the pond.  
  2. Demonstrate how this is done. Show children how to click on the sticks to tilt it one way and then the other.
  3. Have each child take a turn, guiding them if they get stuck.  
  4. Explain that the game will be available in the technology center and that they’ll all have many chances to play.