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Art Center

Draw pictures of roller coasters and ramp games  


  • art supplies (pencils, crayons, markers, paper, and clipboards; collage and 3D materials: craft sticks, yarn, circle-shaped stickers, aluminum foil)
  • printer paper and construction paper
  • photos of different ramps downloaded from the Internet or from books (highway on-ramps, wheelchair ramps, parking garage ramps, boat launches, ramps on moving vans, etc.). These can be hung nearby or added to a loose leaf notebook.

New Materials Added this Week

  • photos of roller coasters downloaded from the Internet
  • 10” x 1” paper strips and glue sticks


This week, encourage children to draw pictures of the different roller coasters and ramp games and rides they create in the activities (for example, the up and down game, a ramp bowling game, zigzags, or ramps with tunnels and turns). They may also want to draw an elaborate fantasy roller coaster they’d like to ride. To create a 3D rollercoaster, give them 10” X 1” paper strips and glue sticks and encourage them to get creative.