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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about ramps. 

Using the photos, videos, and any drawings the children made, talk together about their zigzag constructions. Ask children if the Switch Directions and Zigzag activities reminded them of the online game they were introduced to yesterday, “Quack’s Apples.” If so, what were the similarities between these activities and the game? 

Ask children if they can remember a problem the children had to solve in this morning’s video, Building Ramps. (The ball kept jumping off the track and wouldn’t make the turn.) How did the children solve the problem?   

Review the different challenges children have tried this week: building a hill, building a hill and a turn, and building zigzag turns.  Ask them which challenges they found easiest to build and why. Which were the most difficult challenges and how did they go about building them?  Ask them to explain how testing helped them build the tracks.