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Making Homes for Creatures

After you've collected creatures in the activity Quack Quack (link), you could also make them some simple homes. Talk with your child about where you found the creatures and what kinds of things that they'd need in their homes. Did you find them in the grass or in the dirt? Do they need sticks to climb on or rocks to hide under? Your child will learn valuable lessons about the needs of even the tiniest animals. (Remember that insects do not generally survive well in captivity, so let them go after a short time.)

If found creatures are not an option, help your child make a special home for a family pet using a cardboard box, old towels or blankets, and perhaps some of the pet's favorite toys or treats.

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House Hunt

This simple matching game has a twist: Kids turn pairs of leaves, not to find identical pictures, but to pair animals with their homes.

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