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Watch and Discuss: After the Rain

Children look at water drops after it rains. 


  • After the Rain (video)

Key Science Concepts

  • Water can flow quickly or slowly.
  • Water sticks together to make drops.


Before you watch:  Tell children that they’ll watch a video of children going outside after it rains. Ask:

  • Have you ever been caught in the rain? What was it like, and how did it feel?
  • Do you think all rain is the same? Describe some of the different kinds of rain you’ve noticed.
  • What’s it like going outside AFTER it rains? What do you notice about the ground, grass, trees, and sidewalks?

After you watch:  Ask:

  • Where do you remember seeing raindrops?  
  • What about when it hasn’t rained? Have any of you seen water drops indoors or at times when it hasn’t rained? Where?