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Explore and Play: Opposite Sound Game

You say high, I say low, you say loud, I say soft.

Key Science Concepts

  • Different objects make different sounds.
  • Sounds vary by volume (loud or soft), and pitch (high or low).


Tell children they’re going to play a game in which they’ll make opposite sounds.

  1. Demonstrate by singing the word “high” in a high voice. Then ask, Can you make a sound that’s the opposite? If necessary, demonstrate by singing a deep low. Then sing the word quiet, and ask, Can you sing a word that sounds the opposite? Model by singing the directions, using different voices: “One sings HIGH, the other one low; one LOUD, the other soft.
  2. Then have children begin: one child makes one sound; the group makes the opposite sound. If children have difficulty initiating the first sound, you can start them off by having the group answer with the opposite. Add any new discoveries to the “Loud/Soft” and “High/Low” charts.