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Watch and Discuss: Sounds Like . . .

Quack loves singing inside a big pipe, and when Chirp and Peep are lost, they find their way home by listening to familiar sounds.


  • PEEP animated video: Sounds Like...                    

Key Science Concepts

  • Different objects make different sounds. 
  • Sounds vary by volume (loud or soft), and pitch (high or low).


Before you watch: Tell children they will be watching a PEEP episode that features lots of different sounds. Ask them to raise their hands each time they hear an interesting sound. Ask them to name and imitate it.

As you watch: Write down the sounds that children point out (some notable sounds: hummingbirds, Quack singing in the pipe, wind chimes, loud hopping frog, gnawing beaver, Chirp singing the beautiful song, a highway).

After you watch: Ask,

  • Why do you think Quack liked singing in the drain pipe? Does the pipe remind you of some objects you explored yesterday? Hold up one or two tubes and ask children whether the tubes remind them of Quack’s pipe. How are they similar? How are they different?
  • Why did Chirp want to go to a quiet place? How has being quiet or going to a quiet place helped you with listening or imitating sounds?
  • What sounds did Quack and Chirp hear on their way to the quiet place on the hill? When Peep and Chirp were lost, how did they find their way home? With your chart of sounds, help children remember the different sounds that helped Peep and Chirp find their way home.