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Explore and Play: Feelings and Colors

Draw or paint your feelings, using different colors.


  • paint and crayons
  • paper

Key Science Concepts

  • There are many different colors.
  • A single color can have different shades, from very light to very dark.


Tell children they are now going to draw some of the feelings that colors make them feel.

  1. Pass out paint, crayons, and paper. Ask, when you look at the color yellow, what feelings does it make you think of? What about the color gray or black? Invite children to draw pictures using colors that make them feel happy, sad, excited, calm, angry, scared, or beautiful.
  2. Tell children you will label the different feelings for them.

Display pictures children have created and ask them to explain which colors they chose and how these colors made them feel. Ask, What about the color made you feel that way? Have the children share their ideas about a color. Highlight the differences and similarities.