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Read and Discuss: Spicy Hot Colors

Bright, bold colors explode off the pages.


  • Spicy Hot Colors by Sherry Shahan

Key Science Concepts

  • There are many different colors.
  • A single color can have different shades, from very light to very dark.


Before you read: Ask children to describe what’s on the cover. Then read the title in English and Spanish, along with the author’s name. Tell children spicy can mean two things: spicy food is food that has a peppery sharp flavor, but spicy also means something that is lively and colorful. Ask, What do you think the author meant when she used the word spicy in the title of this book?

While you read: You may want to read the book straight through once. On a second reading ask, Does anyone know why there are two words for every color? If you have Spanish-speaking children in your room, invite them to say each word in Spanish when you read the text. Explain that the color words are written in English and Spanish.

After you read: Ask children,

  • Do you think most of these colors blend into each other or are they contrasting colors, ones that stand out from each other? Have children look through and point out some examples of contrasting colors.
  • Tell children that different colors can make people feel different emotions and change their mood. Flip through the pages and ask children what they feel when they look at these colors.