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Explore and Look: Camouflage

Look at photographs of animals that disguise themselves by using color as camouflage.


  • Animal Disguises by Belinda Weber


Use the words blend, contrast, environment, disguise, and introduce the word camouflage.


  1. Explain that camouflage is a way animals blend into their environment so they can’t be seen. Color is a good way to help them hide, or disguise, themselves. Ask children, Why do you think an animal might not want to be seen? Remind them of Mouse Paint, and ask, Why didn’t the three white mice want the cat to see them?
  2. Then show children the photographs from Animal Disguises, focusing on the photos that are examples of color camouflage. At each example, ask, Can you describe how this animal’s color makes it blend into its environment?
  3. Be sure to show them snakes (p. 17–18), chameleons (p. 26–27), and insects (many photos throughout). Children will be doing activities and reading about them in their explorations.

Have children add their ideas to the “Blending Colors/Contrasting Colors” chart. Add camouflage under “Blending Colors” or create a separate part of the chart devoted to color and camouflage.