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Watch and Discuss: Hide and Go Peep

Peep and Chirp invent a wonderful game about color.


  • Hide and Go Peep (video) 

Key Science Concepts

  • Something of one color against a background of a similar color may be hard to see.
  • Something of one color against a background of a contrasting color is easy to see.


Before you watch: Tell children that in this video Quack claims, “We just discovered a game that no one has ever thought of before!” See if you think he’s right.

After you watch: Have children tell you what game Quack thought they’d invented. Then ask:

  • Why do you think Peep was able to hide in the yellow flowers so that Quack couldn’t find him?
  • Why do you think the yellow flowers weren’t such a good hiding place for Chirp? Was there a better hiding place for her? Why was it better?
  • The butterfly says, “I’m the best hide-and-go-seeker there is!” and the frog says, “Oh, I don’t know about that!” Can you explain why they think they are so good at hiding?
  • Replay the very end of the video (starting at 8:23), where Quack looks for the chameleon. Ask if anyone knows what a chameleon is, and explain that it’s a lizard that can change its color to match the things around it—its environment. Ask, Can you describe what the chameleon did? (It turned gray like a stone, then green like the grass, then gray like a stone again.)

Add any new ideas to the chart you started last week, “Blending Colors/Contrasting Colors.”