Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about plants.

  • Ask children to compare all the fruits they sampled throughout the day—the apple and pear, and the three fruits from the afternoon activity. Which fruits had pits? Large seeds? Small seeds? What was the difference in the color or shape of the seeds?
  • Add all of these fruits to the “Plants We Eat” chart, if they aren’t already there. Have children add drawings of the seeds and pits to the chart.
  • What were children’s favorite fruits? Were there any new fruits they tried today that they hadn’t tried before? What did these fruits taste like? Would they like to eat these fruits again?
  • Look at the salad sprouts together. How have they changed since the first day? Ask children why they think it’s important to rinse the seeds each day. (Sprouts needs water to grow—but not too much water, or they’ll rot.)