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Observing the Day Moon

Observing the moon is habit forming! So much so that you and your child might find yourselves at night frequently looking for the moon. But have you ever tried observing it during the day?

As you go about your daily routine, remind your child to look at the sky for the day moon. Does it look different than it does at night? If so, how?

After you've spotted the moon, provide some paper and crayons and invite your child to draw a picture of it. Look at the picture together and ask your child to describe it. Write down what your child tells you. You might want to ask your child questions to get some additional details: whether it was night or day, whether there were any clouds or not or any other information you might want to remember. Do this over the course of many days, documenting the moon at different times, both during the day and at night. Staple the pages together and enjoy reading this "Moon Book" together!

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