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Frozen Fruit

With small paper cups and craft sticks you can make your own fruity water Popsicles. Invite your child to place a couple of small pieces of fruit like seedless grapes or sliced banana pieces into a small paper cup and fill the cup with water. Notice what the fruit does in the water; does it sink to the bottom of the cup or float to the top?

Put a piece of foil over the cup and then stick a craft stick right in the middle. Put the cups into the freezer. Once frozen, remove the foil and pull the pop out of the cup. Along with your child examine the fruit frozen inside. Notice where it is in the cup. How long does it to take to melt the ice and get to the fruit?

For a fun extension, use JELL-O® instead of water. Notice how the colors of the fruit look inside different colors of JELL-O. Do the fruits sink or float the same as they did in the water?

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