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Tasty Sharing

Turn snack time into a fun math activity! Provide a variety of snacks, when your child has a few friends over. Use foods that can be easily divided, such as crackers, apple and orange slices, raisins, or carrot sticks.

Give each child a certain number of one of the snack foods to pass out, making sure that the number you give doesn’t exactly match the number of children receiving the snack. Help them as they try to divide six apple slices among four children, or 3 crackers among six children.

Are there enough raisins for each child to have 4, or more? How many different ways can you find to solve the problem? Hint: You may have to dig back into the snacks and get more!


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It's springtime and the ground is covered with cherry blossoms! Chirp and Quack have collected a pile of them and need help sharing so that each has the same amount.

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