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PEEP Family Science
for Home Visiting Organizations

What is PEEP Family Science? (3:02)

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PEEP Family Science is designed for parents and their children, especially those served by home visiting organizations. It comes in free, easy-to-use apps, in English and Spanish, that make it fun for families to do science together at home. Featuring characters children love, the apps combine animated stories from the TV show PEEP and the Big Wide World with playful, hands-on science activities.

Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, PEEP Family Science teaches preschool science concepts and skills that include making observations and comparisons, testing and problem solving, and communicating and sharing ideas. These skills strengthen literacy and critical thinking, and develop initiative, curiosity, attention, and perseverance — just what young children need to thrive in school.

PEEP Family Science is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of a variety of programs that support young families’ learning. Along with the science apps, there is an extensive set of video and print resources to support educators and program coordinators.