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Read and Discuss: I Am Water

Water is all around us.


  • I Am Water by Jean Marzollo
  • “Our Ideas About Water” chart


Before you read: Show children the cover, and read the title and author’s name. Ask what they notice about the illustration on the cover. What is the child wearing and why? Ask children to describe the different kinds of water they see (raindrops, a little puddle in the child’s hands, water in the ocean).

After you read: Turn to the title page and ask, What do you think the boy is doing? What’s happening to the water he’s stepping in? Have you ever done this yourself? What do you like about splashing in a puddle? Then flip through the rest of the pages and ask children to describe what they see, asking, What do you think water is being used for in this picture? 

Review the “Our Ideas About Water” chart and add any new ideas about what we use water for and where we find it.