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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review the day’s explorations and ideas about water. 

Display some of the drawings of water drops children made earlier and review their observations on the “Our Ideas About Water” chart. Have a cup of water and an eyedropper handy. Ask:

  • What’s different about the way water squirts out of the eyedropper and the way water pours out of a cup? Ask children to describe the differences in how the water flows from each container.
  • Do you remember how the children in the video made water drops? (With a watering can.) We made them with an eyedropper. Can you think of some other ways we might also make drops? How could we make drops using our hands?
  • Does an eyedropper remind you of another tool we used? Which one? How is a baster similar to an eyedropper? How is it different?