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Watch and Discuss: Give Me a Call

Quack tries to track down a mysterious and incredibly annoying noise.


  • Give Me A Call (video)

Before you watch: Tell children they’ll be watching a PEEP episode in which Quack hears an awful noise. But Quack can’t figure out what’s making that terrible noise. Ask children to raise their hands when they hear the terrible noise.

As you watch:

  • Pause the video when children raise their hands. Ask them to imitate the noise. Ask, Can you predict what might be making the noise?  
  • Pause the video (2:00) when Quack thinks he has an answer, “I got it! It’s Squeak the mouse!” Ask, Why can’t it be Squeak the mouse? Then listen to Peep’s answer (2:10). Have children imitate the sounds of the mouse.
  • Pause the video after each of Quack’s next two guesses, and ask: Why can’t it be the fish? Why can’t it be Beaver Boy? Have children make the fish and beaver sounds.
  • Pause the video when the mystery is finally revealed and ask children to identify the source of the noise.

After you watch: Ask, what does Chirp do to help Quack with the terrible noise? Have any of you heard of earplugs? What do you think they do? Have the class listen while you imitate the crow noise. Then have them cover their ears with both their hands, and make the crow noise again. Ask, Is the sound different when you cover your ears? How would you describe it?