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Explore and Play: We Found Two Sticks

What sounds can you make with sticks?

Key Science Concepts

  • Different objects make different sounds.
  • An action has to take place in order for a sound to occur.
  • Sounds can vary in volume (loud and soft).


  • two chopsticks or craft sticks per child


Tell children, We’re each going to play with two sticks like Max. What kinds of sounds do you think you could make? Do these sticks remind you of any instruments? What kinds of instruments?

  1. Have children experiment with different sounds while sitting in a circle. Ask, can you describe the sounds you’re making? How can you make a louder sound? How can you make a softer sound?
  2. Finish by tapping out a simple rhythm: slow, slow, fast, fast, fast. Ask children to imitate it. Then ask for volunteers to come up with their own rhythms, and have the rest of the group imitate the rhythms.