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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s activities, and add any new discoveries to the chart “Our Ideas about Sound.”

Tell children: Today we explored some quiet things—quiet objects being dropped, quiet children who communicated without talking, and an unusually quiet duck! Let’s go over what discoveries we made and add any new ones to “Our Ideas About Sound” chart.

  • In the video, Why were Chirp and Peep annoyed with Quack? Was it easy for Quack not to talk? Why not? What about you—is it hard for you to be quiet sometimes? Can you give me examples? What are some of the times you like being quiet? 
  • When Quack decided not to talk, how did he communicate with Peep and Chirp? You were able to do that too! Can you show me some of the things you communicated without talking or making sounds?
  • What were some of the quiet things you discovered today? Were you able to make a quiet object a little louder? How? Were you able to make a quiet object even quieter? How?

Pass out the Family Science Letter on sound, and tell children that there are lots of sound activities they can do together with their families. Ask them to tell the group during Morning Circle about any discoveries they make about sound at home. These discoveries can be added to the “Our Ideas About Sound” chart.