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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s activities and watch a PEEP live-action video.


  • Listening for Sounds (video)

Show the PEEP live-action video, Listening for Sounds. Tell children they’re going to watch a short video about three girls who go on their own listening walk. Ask:

  • How did the girls find out what was making each sound?
  • How did you find out what was making each sound during your own listening walk?

Review and Reflect

Tell children, Today we read about a girl and her father taking a listening walk, and we took our own listening walks, both indoors and outdoors. Ask:

  • In the story, the girl and her father didn’t talk—they were silent. How did that help them take a listening walk? What did you do on your walk to help you listen?
  • What are some of the indoor sounds you heard on your walk? What about outdoor sounds?
  • What were some of the loudest sounds? What were the quietest?
  • Did you hear any sounds on your walk but couldn’t see what was making the sound? How did you know what the sound was if you couldn’t see where it came from?
  • At what times is it quiet where you live? When is it noisy? What do you like best, quiet or noisy? Or do you like both? Why?