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Share the Week’s Discoveries

Review the science themes explored during the week.


Touch upon the science themes children explored during the week.

Volume and Pitch: Review the “Loud/Soft” and “High/Low” charts. Go over children’s experiences and observations. Use any other charts and recordings completed during the week to help children recall their explorations of volume and pitch. Ask them about ways to change sounds from high to low, or loud to soft. Then challenge them to make the following sounds, which combine pitch and volume:

  • Loud and low
  • Loud and high
  • High and loud
  • High and soft

Listening and Talking Through Tubes: Show children photos of their different experiments with tubes. Ask them to describe some of the ways sounds changed when they used the tubes. Remind them that Quack liked singing in a really big tube. He loved how it made his voice sound special. What did they like/not like about how tubes changed their voices? What about listening through tubes—how did that change what they heard?

Sound Vibrations: Ask children about the ringing and vibrating of the spoons in string earphones earlier today. Ask them if they had any similar experiences of vibration when they explored tubes. What did it feel like? Then have everyone put their hands on their throats, and sing or talk. What do they notice?

Sounds in our World. Ask children to recall the contrasting sounds they heard in the books about city and country sounds. What were the differences between them? Finish by looking at the “Favorite/Least Favorite” sounds charts. What are some of their favorite sounds? Where do they hear these sounds? What sounds do they dislike?