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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s activities and add to the Loud/Soft and High/Low charts.



  • tubes (two per child)

Review and reflect on today’s activities, adding any new discoveries to the “Loud/Soft” and “High/Low” charts.

  • Tell children that to imitate the different bird songs in the video, they had to be quiet and listen very carefully. Ask them how this helped them imitate the sounds of the birds.
  • Have children do a few rounds of the game they played earlier, “Chirp, chirp, peep, peep, QUACK!” Then have them do the same thing, but this time, holding a tube over each of their ears. Ask them to describe the difference, comparing what they hear with and without the tubes over their ears.
  • Ask, which tubes did you like listening through the most? Why? Can you describe what you heard?