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Explore and Play: Shadow Tag

Can you tag your friends’ shadows without touching them?

Key Science Concepts

  • You can make shadows with your body and other objects.


Tell children that you will play a game of Shadow Tag!

  1. Remind children of what happened yesterday when they made shadows with their partners outside. Were they able to make their shadow touch their partner’s shadow without actually touching their partner? How?
  2. Explain the rules of Shadow Tag. Just like in regular tag, one child will be “it” and will try to tag another child, who then becomes “it.” Unlike real tag, no one touches each other; instead, only shadows touch shadows!
  3. When the child who is “it” tags another child’s shadow, have him or her yell “Tag! You’re it (name)!” Then, that child will chase after the other children’s shadows.


To make the game more challenging, encourage children to find ways to hide their shadows so that the child who is “it” cannot tag them.