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Read and Discuss: My Shadow

We all have shadows. What are they like?


  • My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

Key Science Concepts

  • A shadow is created by an object blocking the light.
  • You can make shadows with your body and other objects.


Before you read: Show children the cover of the book and read the title and author’s name aloud. What shadows do they see on the cover?

After you read: Flip through the pages and ask children,

  • Which shadows seem to be larger than the people and objects making the shadows?
  • Which shadows seem to be smaller than the people making the shadows?
  • Read the last two pages again: “One morning, very early, before the sun was up . . . my lazy little shadow . . . had stayed at home behind me, and was fast asleep in bed.” Ask, Do you think the shadow was really still sleeping? Can you think of another reason why the shadow couldn’t be seen early in the morning?