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Explore and Play: Disappearing Shadows

Can you make your shadow disappear?

Key Science Concepts

  • A shadow is created by an object blocking the light.
  • You can make shadows with your body and other objects.


Tell children that you are going to go outside and see if you can make your shadows disappear, just like in the book you read this morning.

  1. Take children outside to a sunny place where they can see their shadows.
  2. Encourage children to move around the area outside to examine their shadows in different places. Ask,
    • Where CAN you see your shadow? 
    • Where can you NOT see your shadow?
  1. Next, have children stand in the shadow of a slide, a tree, or another large object. Ask,​​
    • Why do they think some places are good for making shadows and others are not?
    • What happens to your shadow when you stand in the shadow of a tree/truck/etc.?
    • Why do you think you don’t have a shadow? Can you go where you will have a shadow again?
  1. Challenge children to find other places where they don’t have a shadow, such as the shadow of a building or a friend’s shadow.