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Introduce Shadows

Look for your shadow!


  • clipboard and pen

Key Science Concepts

  • A shadow is created by an object blocking the light.
  • You can make shadows with your body and other objects.


Encourage children to use words related to shadows like sun, light, outline, and shape. Emphasize science process words like notice, observe, describe, and compare.  


Tell children that over the next three weeks you will be exploring shadows together. Ask children if they have seen their own shadow. Where? What did their shadow look like?

  1. Go outside to a flat, open, and sunny area with children and take a look at your shadows. Have children describe what they see. Ask,
    • Can you tell which shadow is yours? How do you know?
    • Wave to your shadow. Does your shadow wave back?
    • What else can your shadow do that you can do? (Jump, dance, raise hands, etc.)
    • Do you see anything else outside that has a shadow? What?
  1. Record children’s observations. You’ll use these notes later in creating a chart called “Our Ideas About Shadows.”