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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about shadows.

Display the photos taken during Shadow Letters. Have children sort the photos by letter. While they are doing this, ask if they think all the “Ys” or “Xs” or “Ts” look exactly the same. If not, what is different about them? Have children demonstrate the body shapes that made these shadow letters.

Look at the photos of the different shadow shapes children made during Friendly Shadows. Discuss how they made these shapes. Ask,

  • What kinds of shadow shapes did you and your partner make today? Show us the pictures of them. How do you know that’s your shadow?
  • How did you change the shape of the shadow you and your partner made?

Use the children’s descriptions to make captions for the shadow photos. Put the photos with their captions in the Shadow Museum.  

Review the “Our Ideas About Shadows” chart and add any new ideas children might have as a result of your discussion.