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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about shadows.

In random order, display the photos taken earlier today during Me and My Shadow. Have children match the photos of themselves with the photos of their shadows. Ask, 

  • How do you know that’s your shadow?  
  • What’s the same about you and your shadow? What is different? (This could be done using a Venn Diagram!)

Then display the photos from the Shadow Walk. Ask,

  • Which shadows did you see today? Where did you find them? What things made them?
  • Which were the largest shadows you saw? What made them? What about the smallest shadows?
  • Which were some of the more unusual shadows you saw? What made them unusual?

Review the “Our Ideas About Shadows” chart and add any new ideas children might have as a result of your discussion.

Later, hang the photos of children and their matching shadows in the Shadow Museum, and display the photos from the Shadow Walk there.