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Watch and Discuss: Peep’s Color Quest

Quack has an exciting new toy: a pair of orange sunglasses on load from the Fish Museum.


  • Peep’s Color Quest (video)

Key Science Concepts

  • Objects appear to be a different color when viewed through a transparent colored material.
  • After passing through a transparent colored material, the color of the light looks like the color of the material.


Before watching: Ask children if they’ve ever looked through sunglasses. How does it change the way things look? Tell them that in this video, Peep, Chirp, and Quack find a pair of orange-colored sunglasses. Ask them to predict what the characters will see when they look through them.

After watching: Ask,

  • What does the world look like through the orange glasses? Can you describe what they saw?
  • Why are these glasses so interesting to the characters in the story? Why do the fish say “ooh!” and “ahh!”
  • What do Peep and Chirp notice when they look through the green bottle? Are some of the things they notice similar to what you noticed when you experimented with the bottles of colored water yesterday?