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Technology Center

PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and online games.


Add videos and games to a computer for children to watch in the technology center on the days indicated:

Day 1

Hide and Go Peep (9:00)

Peep and Chirp invent a wonderful new game—and Quack quickly learns that it’s not easy being blue!

Day 2

Hide and Seek (1:30)

The kids are playing hide and seek and trying to camouflage themselves to stay hidden.

Day 3

Juicy Light (1:30)

The kids are thirsty. How about some apple juice, cranberry juice and orange juice? The kids notice that light passes through some of the juice but not all.

Which Fish?

Eight fish swim gently in a line. Kids must observe the pattern the fish form and select which fish, from a choice of three, to assign to the rightmost position.

Day 4

Peep's Color Quest (9:00)

Quack has an exciting new toy: a pair of orange sunglasses, on loan from the Fish Museum.


Play these videos in the technology center on the days indicated. The PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and online games should be made available after children have been introduced to them in a Morning Circle activity. Based on the recommendations of NAEYC and the American Pediatric Association, the technology center should only be used by children older than two.