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Share the Discoveries of Explore Color

Review your explorations of color over the last three weeks.


Gather the different charts to help you review some of the highlights over the three weeks:

  • “Colors Around Us”
  • “Shades of Colors”
  • “Mixing New Colors”
  • “Blending Colors/Contrasting Colors”
  • “Color and Light”

Display photos, artwork, and the mural children created in the learning center.

Shades of Colors

Show some of the photographs you took of children mixing different shades and ask them to describe how they made the different shades. (With water? Paint?) Have everyone look at the gallery of favorite colors you put together at the beginning of the week. Ask: Which shade of your favorite color do you like best? What do you like about it? Remind them how they explored skin colors. Ask each to name the skin tone they decided they had.

Mixing New Colors

Ask children what new colors they enjoyed mixing the most. Use the chart to go over which colors they mixed and what new colors they created.

Contrasting Colors, Blending Colors, and Camouflage

Remind children about the different camouflage activities they tried. Ask for a volunteer to explain what camouflage is. Ask children, Which were some of the ways the snakes were camouflaged during Snake Hide-and-Seek? What about in Bug Hunt? How can animals’ colors help keep them safe?

Color and Light

Go over the “Color and Light” chart and review the meaning of transparent and clear. Ask children about what they discovered using the colored water bottles, light, and flashlights. If you shone a flashlight through one of the colored bottles, what happened? What happened when you shone light through two bottles at the same time? How did the things around you look when you looked through clear colors? What was the most unusual thing you saw?

Finally, ask children what their favorite activity was, and why they liked it. We explored how different people have different feelings about color. What were some of your feelings?