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Potato Investigation

What do you notice about a raw potato? 


  • boiled potato (prepare ahead of time)
  • raw potato
  • plates

Key Science Concepts

  • Many of the foods we eat come from plants.
  • We eat certain leaves, roots, fruits, and seeds.


Tell children that a potato is another type of plant that we eat. Today they will investigate a potato and then have the chance to taste one.

  1. Have children wash their hands.
  2. Show children a raw potato and ask them to describe what it looks like.
  3. Pass the potato around and allow children to touch it and ask them to describe how it feels. What do they notice?
  4. Tell children that we eat potatoes that are cooked. Show children a plate of sliced, cooked potatoes. Give each child a slice to eat.

Reflect and Share

  • Ask children whether they liked the taste of the cooked potato. What kind of potato dishes have they eaten (mashed, fried, boiled, French Fries, potato chips)? What’s their favorite?
  • Ask children if they know how potatoes grow. Explain that potatoes grow under the soil and are then dug up.  

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