Share the Discoveries from Explore Ramps

Review your explorations and ideas about ramps.

Display photos and artwork from the three weeks to help children reflect on their discoveries. Your discussion can include the following:

Different Ramps

Ask children about their experiences building ramps with:

  • flat pieces of cardboard
  • cardboard tubes
  • flexible tubes

What could they do with flat pieces that they couldn’t do with tubes? What could they do with flexible tubes that they couldn’t do with cardboard tubes? What other discoveries did they make about ramp materials?

Balls, Marbles, Wheels  

What are the different balls and marbles they used with their ramps? When did large or heavier balls work best?  When did they use smaller balls? What wheels did they experiment with?

Slide, Roll, Stay in Place

Look at the “Slide, Roll, Stay in Place” chart together. What did children discover about objects that roll and objects that slide? How are objects that roll and ones that slide different? Did they discover any objects that could slide AND roll? If so, ask them to explain how this could happen.

Different Surfaces

Review the “Different Surfaces and Objects” chart and any photos or videos you took this week. Ask:

  • What surfaces seem better for rolling objects farther or faster? Which ones don’t work as well?
  • What about sliding?  Which surfaces seem good for sliding?  Why do you think so?
  • What about the texture or shape of the object—does that change how it rolls or slides down a ramp?  


Ask children to describe some of the experiments they tried with obstacles, using your notes, photos, and videos to remind them. 


Ask children to talk about steeper and flatter ramps. Ask, If you wanted an object to go faster, what kind of ramp would you place it on? What if you wanted the object to go very slowly—or not move at all?


Ask children if testing helped them build ramps.  Ask them to explain how testing helped them to figure out how to fix a problem they had with a ramp. 

Ramps Around Us

Review the “Ramps Around Us” chart. Display any photos you took of ramps or drawings that children made this week. Ask children to name some of the ramps they noticed from books or trips outside and have them explain how they think these ramps can help us.