Watch Them Grow

Observe and record how much your plants have grown in three weeks.


  • paper
  • markers and crayons
  • plantings from the first week, plus the sprouts prepared on Day 1 of the third week
  • water spray bottles
  • Plant Journals
  • “Our Plants” chart
  • camera
  • magnifying glasses (several learning centers use magnifying glasses—include two or three in each or choose a central location to store them)
  • white yarn for measuring height of plants


This week children can continue to:

  1. Water the plants with the spray bottle. Have each child water his or her own plant. Caution them against overwatering. 
  2. Observe and record plant growth in their Plant Journals by drawing pictures. Help children label their pictures and record the number of days that each plant has been growing.
  3. Take daily photos of the plants to add to the “Our Plants” chart.
  4. Replant. If seeds in the sandwich bags have sprouted and grown roots, you might suggest to children that they plant them in soil to help them grow larger. Assist children as they replant the beans and grass.

In addition, children can:

  1. Measure the height of plants each day. Keep track of how tall each plant is. Have a piece of yarn designated for each plant. Children can hold the yarn vertically next to the plant and mark off the plant’s height each day with a marker.
  2. Rinse the sprouts. The sprouts prepared on Day 1 of this week should be rinsed with water twice a day. Help children rinse them during learning center time and at the beginning of the Closing Circle.  Take daily photos of the growing sprouts and add to the “Our Plants” chart.